About the game: Neuball

Neuball is a mobile game introducing a whole new world of interactive gameplay, with real-time, team-play, including weird and wacky super-power characters.

Neuball initially began as a cartoon series concept, way back in 2007.

Neuball 2015

We developed a stunning animated trailer which still stands strong today, some 9 years later.

However, the cartoon series required a huge amount of money to fully develop, and with the economic bubble bursting in 2008, Neuball went on the back-burner.

Today, Neuball has evolved into a mobile game for all platforms.

Crucial to the Neuball world is its rich character base. We really want players to have fun in the game and to be drawn towards its weird world of personalities.

Some of the characters stem from the original cartoon series idea, and we couldn’t leave them out of the mobile version – they are so strong – we just needed to reshape them suitable for mobile apps.

We didn’t want to just create another generic, dumb, flick and tap game.

We want players to really get into it, use their brain and be rewarded for all their efforts.

Neub is coming

The first game from Kerpow Ltd is Neub: a bizarre blobular cell following a number of challenges on landscapes forming itself into a human being. Development of Neub is underway and is expected to be released in Jan 2016.


The second game releases all our creativity into the world. More details about both games will be released soon.

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About Kerpow Ltd

Kerpow Ltd is a new game studio of illustrators, developers and designers from the South West, UK, and Worldwide.